Our Partners

Angel Labs

Angel Labs is the world’s first investor accelerator for high-net-worth individuals & executives all around the world. We foster diversity and inclusiveness in tech investing. Our goal is to make an impact on the liquidity side of the entrepreneurial equation, build connected angel investor & VC communities globally and create smart capital for entrepreneurs.


Future Agro Challenge (FAC)

Future Agro Challenge (FAC) is a global competition that discovers innovate fundable food and agribusiness startups from various corners of the globe addressing national, regional and global challenges.  FAC provides key tools and opportunities to help them grow their business and expand them into new markets.  FAC, a featured event of Global Entrepreneurship Week, is working to make a difference on a global level by increasing interaction amongst agro innovators, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders by addressing national policies and challenges.


Garage48 is an early stage startup boot-camp and hackathon style event series to build new web and mobile services/prototypes in just 48 hours. Garage48 started in Estonia and now does events in 10+ countries in Eastern-Europea and Africa. Garage48 partners with global brands (Google, Skype, Nokia, Blackberry, Yandex etc) and startup accelerators (Seedcamp, Startup Sauna, Startup Wyse Guys, etc) to promote entrepreneurship and startup culture. See http://garage48.org/events for upcoming roadmap and past events.

Garage48 Foundation also runs biggest 450m2 co-working space in the heart of Tallinn. The space has 30+ resident desks, seats for part-timers, several meeting rooms and big event space and chill-out area. Garage48 HUB is the central space for Estonian startups, tech and design community events.

Startup Angels

Startup Angels is network of investors and startup leaders with experience in over 50 countries and counting. Startup Angels see an unprecedented opportunity to transform startup investing and fuel innovation. Startup Nations is building the first platform designed to empower new angel investors and bring investors to new markets, across the US and around the globe.

Startup Nations

Startup Nations is all about identifying policy levers that can unleash high impact entrepreneurship and innovation. It is made up of policymakers and program leaders focused on exploring different regulatory changes and other policy ideas to help accelerate new and young firm formation in their economies.

This Startup Nations group shares ideas about what is working and what is not in their respective environments; connects to research and communicates priorities to a Global Entrepreneurship Research Network (GERN) led by the Kauffman Foundation, the World Bank and Endeavor Global; and, enables informal knowledge sharing among economies focused on leveraging entrepreneurs and their startups in order to create jobs, build economies and expand human welfare.

Startup Malaysia

StartupMalaysia.org is a team of passionate people who help entrepreneurs succeed. Throughout various programs and projects we strive to airlift the Malaysian startup ecosystem by catalysing and inspiring first time entrepreneurs to build ventures; accelerating and growing them to successful business by providing mentorship and access to global network

Startup Safary

Startup Safary is a franchise of days of open doors for the startup ecosystem events. During Startup Safary events startups, investors, accelerators, incubators and coworking spaces open their doors. Attendees travel around the city visiting these companies and meeting their teams. Startup Safary aims at providing a gateway to the startup ecosystems around the world for all those who’d like to work, build, invest or work with startups.

Up Global

UP Global is a non-profit company dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, grassroots leadership, and strong communities. It offers platform that provides action-based learning programs, resources, and networks for entrepreneurs and leaders.

Startup communities in Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, Gaza, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, Ukraine, Brunei, Russia, UK, USA, Estonia, Slovenia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand


Maddevs – Local IT outsourcing company, who actively participate in all KG Labs activities by mentoring in hackathon, giving public speeches, bringing community together

Mozgami Branding Agency

Mozgami – leading design studio, who helps mentoring teams during hackathons.

American University in Central Asia

AUCA is leading education institution who actively supports community by providing spaces in its innovative campus.