Results of ecommerce acceleration program
Результаты Акселерационной программы по электронной коммерции


5 августа, 2022 года ОФ Кейджи Лабс совместно с Программой Развития Предпринимательства и Инноваций PEAK, провел демо день с презентацией …

Creative Talks: Creativity – the engine of the creative economy


Creative Talks: Creativity is the engine of the creative economy. Over a hundred participants, dynamic speakers, interesting chronology of the …

Launch of the new British Council program: Creative Spark


The initiative meeting of the Enactus teams was held By the AUCA center for additional education (AUCA center for growth …

FinTech Events Series: Digital Economy and Cashless Payments


Dear friends! We would like to share with you a photo report from the Panel Discussion – Digital Economy and …

FinTech Events organized by KG Labs, Interbank Processing Center and Ololohaus


KG Labs together with Interbank Processing Center ( IPC/МПЦ) and  Ololohaus initiates a series of events dedicated to the rapid …

Creative Business Cup Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan Creative Business Cup 2018 held in Bishkek


KG Labs is a National Partner and hosted Creative Business Cup 2018 – Regional event in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan in cooperation …

Creative Business Cup 2018 held in Kyrgyzstan


On 06.09.2018 in Loft Tseh, the winners of the Creative Business Cup 2018 – Kyrgyzstan were identified. The project Alai …

KG Labs partnership with High Tech Park of the Kyrgyz Republic: Training program for the residents of HTP


KG Labs Public Foundation in partnership with the High Technology Park of the Kyrgyz Republic is organizing a series of …

Community Leaders Academy 2018


In partnership with KG Labs and Ololohaus Coworking, Techstars organized Community Leaders Academy for the first time in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan …

Akkula A-Tank Invest Show
KG Labs attended Akkula Invest Show by SAB


KG Labs attended annual Akkula Tank invest Show organized by SAB – Support Business Alumni Business Incubator that was held …

Бешеные панды
Система высшего образования Кыргызстана в эпоху ИТ


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Hackathon “Safe City and Safe Society” 2017


Hackathon”Safe City and Safe Society” successfully ended on 22 October, 2017 in AUCA. It provided 54 hours of intensive brainstorming, …

Hackathon “Safe City and Safe Society”, Bishkek, October, 2017


Dear Friends, We are pleased to present you the project – Hackathon “Safe City and Safe Society”! Hackathon will provide …