План действий для развития стартап экосистемы в Кыргызской Республике

1 апреля  2015 года в Национальном институте стратегических исследований КР состоится презентация Азиза Солтобаева, основателя Svetofor.kg на тему: «План действий для развития стартап экосистемы в Кыргызской Республике»

В ходе презентации, Азис Солтобаев разберет какие мероприятия необходимо проводить,  как привлекать аудиторию, где брать финансирование, как убеждать доноров/спонсоров и какие ожидаемые результаты в ближайшие три года.

Презентация пройдет 1 апреля 2015 года в 18.30 ч. в конференц-зале НИСИ КР по адресу: ул. Киевская, 218 (пересекает ул. Калыка Акиева)

Приглашаются все заинтересованные лица.

Conference call with Armenia’s innovation lab Kolba Labs

Today, Director of KG Labs Emily Youatt and  Kolba Innovations Lab Lead Marina Mkhitaryan discussed potential of future collaboration on fostering of social entrepreneurship in our countries

Kolba Lab is leading social innovations in Armenia. Key flagship actions include open innovation challenges, public sector innovations, series of public talks and events, including thematic TEDx Talks and Kolba Café events.

Marina shared her experience of implementing social innovation lab in Armenia, actions undertaken to make processes more impact oriented. She also shared activities happening in Armenia that foster entrepreneurship spirit such as coworking spaces, Microsoft educational events as well as College of Science and Engineering Startup Fund under American University of Armenia.

Emily shared news about activities planned to boost startup ecosystem in Kyrgyz Republic.

Participants of conversation agreed to exchange experience, collaborate on the regular basis.


Relevant links:

Kolba web page: http://kolba.am/en/post/hurilab-project-ease-of-access

Kolba facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KolbaLab

ImpactHub Yerevan: http://yerevan.impacthub.net/

UNDP Innovation Programme in Armenia: http://www.am.undp.org/content/armenia/en/home/operations/projects/democratic_governance/kolba-innovations-lab-.html


Meeting with Microsoft about cooperation

On March 3, 2015 Aziz Soltobaev discussed with Microsoft Corporation Eastern Europe Office representative Oliver Zofic joint efforts to improve school education system in Kyrgyz Republic as well as possibility of establishing Microsoft Innovation Center in Bishkek.

Mr. Oliver Zofic is Microsoft Education Technology Advisor Central and Eastern Europe Trenkwalder.  He shared his vision about how education system in IT could be tackled in Kyrgyz Republic with efforts of Microsoft. He mentioned that Microsoft’s education branch developed curriculum that is adopted in several Eastern European republics.

 There are several programs that Microsoft have for education and Microsoft as a company are heavily investing into education programs that can be used to develop and advance teacher know-how.

Worldwide network of teachers – Educator network: http://www.educatornetwork.com/

Teaching with technology curriculum: http://www.educatornetwork.com/Sites/PD/ProfessionalDevelopment/Educators/Courses

–          Proper use of technology in classroom – curriculum developed with Unesco

Pil Trainer: http://piltrainer.com/

–          Training materials for wide variety of microsoft products with strong education relevance

Pil School research: http://www.educatornetwork.com/Sites/SchoolResearch/ForSchools/Index

–          Research on where certaing schools is and how they can advance to the next level

Showcase school initiative: http://www.educatornetwork.com/Schools/WorldTour

–          Every year Microsoft selects best schools to participate and share their innovative practices with transformation, great learning program for schools (mentoring, content,…)

Innovative teaching and learning research: http://itlresearch.com/

Office 365 for Education: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/education/products/office/default.aspx#fbid=c2Tr_wEzRRG

–          Communication and collaboration tools provided by Microsoft to enable effective collaboration between students, teachers, leaders (provided by microsoft for free – Office 365 E1 plan)

Office MIX: https://mix.office.com/

–          Platform that can host MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) provided by microsoft

–          Content prepared with powerpoint, recored and published

OneNote for teachers: http://onenoteforteachers.com/

–          Effective tool for inside classroom collaboration and hosting the eBooks

Partner solutions on Office Marketplace: https://store.office.com/appshome.aspx?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US

Partner solutions on Windows Marketplace: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/education/products/education-apps/default.aspx#fbid=c2Tr_wEzRRG

Microsoft Virtual Academy: http://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/

–          Free trainings for microsoft solutions (Windows Server, Visual Studio & Software Development, Azure, Office 365,…)

Microsoft IT Academy (bridging the gap between education and industry by providing competency based ICT trainings):http://www.microsoftitacademy.com/

–          Certification on top of Teaching with technology curriculum (jointly developed between Unesco and Microsoft)

–          Office trainings and certification

–          Developer training and certification

–           IT Pro trainings and certifications

Oliver recommend that to read through the provided materials and then schedule up a conference call to discuss which of the certain things can be implemented in Kyrgyzstan.

In response, Aziz connected Oliver with Lira Samykbaeva, Information Program Coordinator, who coordinates working group that develops updated curriculum for Kyrgyz schools under patronage/assistance of Soros Foundation in Kyrgyz Republic.