IT platforms in logistics – the second Meetup Dedicated to the Ecommerce and FinTech Hackathon 2019


     On May 29, the second meetup in preparation for E-commerce and FinTech Hackathon 2019 took place. The event was devoted …

Ideation Session #4 announcement


The fourth and final session of Ideation in preparation for Travel & Tourism Hackathon will be held this Wednesday in …

Ideation Session #2


The second event of the Ideation Session series was focused on the important factor of success for each entrepreneur and …

Ideation Session #3 announcement


The first two sessions of Ideation were more than successful and became a platform for new acquaintances and exchange of …

Ideation Session #1


The first event from the Ideation Sessions series in the framework of Hackathon Travel & Tourism, took place in the …

Ideation Session #2 announcement


Being at the right time in the right place and with the right people is not a matter of luck, …

Oksana Budnikova, Techwomen Alumni Kyrgyzstan
Techwomen Alumni: Oksana Budnikova


Oksana Budnikova graduate from Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University with degree in Applied Math and Information. Oksana used to teach at Technical …

Veronika Yurchenko, techwomen alumni Kyrgyzstan
Techwomen Alumin Kyrgyzstan: Veronika Iurchenko


Veronika Iurchenko had MS on System Dynamics and Business Administration (Erasmus Program in Norway, Italy and Netherlands). Veronika runs software …

Techwomen Alumni talk Kyrgyzstan
Techwomen Alumni Talk Kyrgyzstan


Dear Friends, We are happy to invite you to TechWomen Alumni Talk, where participants of this TechWomen program from Kyrgyz …

Ideation Session #1 announcement


As part of the Travel & Tourism hackaton, KG Labs Public Foundation conducts a series of seminars for potential hackathon …