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KG Labs endorses young entrepreneurs to start up new ventures by conducting competitions with valuable prizes

Creative Business Cup – Partnership Network

Creative Business Cup is much more than just a competition – it is a global year-round initiative that empowers entrepreneurs in the creative industries, helping them grow their business ideas, connecting them to investors and the global markets, and strengthening their innovative capabilities to the benefit of industry and society.

Media Hackathon on 9-10-11 June

Youth Council C5 + 1 in partnership with KG labs Public Foundation are pleased to announce the Media Hackathon!

What is Hackathon?
#Hackathon (from hack (see hacker) and marathon) is a platform where during 48 hours of intensive brainstorming, team building and programming a working prototype of software is created to solve any problem. “Hacking” is a creative approach to solving problems through technologies, where participants in a team of 6-7 people use their knowledge and practical skills to create a unique product. Designers, developers, marketers, visionaries and experts, inspired by a single idea, “crack” existing problems in the style of start-up. Throughout the whole time, together with the teams, professional mentors work to improve (real time) the product and prepare for the presentation of the project (pitching) in front of the panel of judges and potential investors.

Why Media Hackathon?

Have you thought about what news you see in your stream? Can you trust what you are told about by well-known media sources in the country and be confident about the quality of the content?

Today is the time of open data, alternative facts, social networks and a wide choice of platforms for information exchange. Today, in the world, where everyone can become a carrier of information and perform on social networking sites in front of thousands of users, it is very important to understand the impact of information and the user’s response. Nevertheless, in many countries freedom of speech is suppressed, citizens are faced with total muffling of their voices and the truthfulness of information arises. Questions about the flow of information and reaction to it from both the media and the public are particularly relevant in areas of social conflict and an active political race.

Who should be on the team?
2 Developers (front end, back end, full stack and others) *
Media specialist \ journalist *
Team manager \ team leader *
Designer (UI / UX and others)
The ideological inspirer
Why do not you sleep for 48 hours?
A great opportunity to create a unique product and start your start-up!
New knowledge thanks to training from local and foreign specialists!
Dating with professionals in their field, networking!
Great prizes from our partners and organizers!

If we convince you and you are ready to spend with us 48 hours, then the following information is obligatory for reading.


1. Participation is free, but participants must register the team or on an individual basis through Google’s form in advance. As a result of registration, the organizers will send a confirmation letter.
2. Working with teams and teamwork:
– There should be 5-7 people in a team and the team must be balanced, that is, have developers, a media specialist, a designer, an ideological mastermind / manager, in order to present the final product in 48 (!) Hours.
– If you do not have a team, then you will have the opportunity to present your idea to find a team OR you can join the existing team if your field of activity suits it.
-Every assembled team will receive a separate room / place to work throughout Hackaton. The teams will have to discuss the roles in the team, identify the action plan, determine the visuality of the final product and begin work on it. Therefore, the presence of a leader / manager in a team that will follow the time, the concentration of ideas, the progress of the team – is a critical element for quality work.
– Remember, 48 hours is an extreme period!
– Each participant will be added a participant, who will take the role of observer. Participants will be a member of the group “Youth Council C5 + 1”.
3. Due to the fact that the target audience of Media Hakaton is more Russian-speaking, the working language of the event will be Russian. Nevertheless, English-speaking participants are allowed at the event, provided that all team members speak English. Simultaneous interpretation will be available for lectures and presentations.
4. Breakfast, lunch (on Saturday and Sunday) and dinner (only on Saturday) are provided by the organizers.
5. Due to the fact that Media Hakaton will be held during the month of Ramadan, the organizers can adapt the logistics to the participants at their request.
6. Unlimited snacks, tea, coffee, and water will be from the beginning to the end of the event.
7. All participants will spend 48 hours in the AUCA building (even at night!)
8. It is assumed that the potential participants of Hakaton attend all the ideological sessions to improve the quality of work on the Hakaton itself, however, this is not a prerequisite.

9. If participants need evaluation and feedback for their ideas, they can send a description of the idea to before Friday, June 9, 12:00. Participants can prepare a PDF document for a brief pitch (Elevator Pitch), which contains: a brief description of personal experience, (10 seconds), an idea (5 seconds), what the idea is, what problems it affects, who the target audience, (30 seconds), Technical solution and monetization (if the idea is non-commercial, then the potential plan for obtaining funds for product development) (30 seconds), (optimized work plan for 54 hours) and who needs the team (20 seconds). The organizers will send an evaluation / feedback to 16:00 on Friday 9 June.
10. At the time of Hakaton, participants must have a laptop, phone, and the necessary accessories (extension cords / adapters, chargers)
11. Participants will need credit / debit cards for registration of domain names (domain names are free). Those participants who do not have maps will be helped by mentors.
12. Participants are allowed to bring sleeping bags and pillows.
13. Work with mentors: organizers will provide mentors to work with teams. Some are technical specialists, some are business specialists. Participants should be open to dialogue with them and ready to ask the right questions.
14. Participants must wear a badge and a branded T-shirt (they will receive during registration) throughout the event. This measure implies improved networking and provides the necessary environment for the protection of AUCA.
15. The presence of business cards for participants is welcomed.
16. Photo / video shooting is allowed.
17. Positive attitude, energy and openness contributes to increased productivity!
18. Participants are encouraged to invite family members, friends, colleagues and all interested in start-ups and media activities at the lecture of invited speakers on Saturday (June 10) and Sunday (June 11), and on the final pitching on Sunday (June 11) at 17: 00PM. Everything will be held in the AUCA Conference Hall.
Link to registration:

The project “Youth Council C5 + 1” at the American University in Central Asia and in partnership with the US Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic.
KG Labs Public Foundation, as well as regional media agencies experts, journalists, designers and developers.

For all questions about the project, please contact +996 (777) 331764

Pitching Day Travel&Tourism

It’s no secret that for any country the tourism sector opens up great economic opportunities. We highly appreciate the tourist opportunities of Kyrgyzstan. Therefore, KG Labs Public Foundation is pleased to announce the Pitching Day Travel & Tourism Hackathon.

The event will be held as part of the Career and Startup Fair at AUCA.

Pitching Day is a dynamic event that allows anyone who has a business idea to present it to judges and an audience consisting of entrepreneurs, investors and innovative communities.
Once selected by the jury, top start-ups will have access to a wider audience – this will help them raise money and connect with people who can help develop their project. In addition, start-ups get a chance to win valuable prizes.

Number of participants (presenters): 20 people. On the stage, no more than 20 ideas on the subject of tourism will be presented. Participants must pass the mandatory registration by the link:

Duration of one pitch: 3 minutes. Another 3 minutes for 1-2 questions from the audience.
Language of speaking for participants: ENGLISH
Winners will be in two categories: “technology solutions” and “startups”.

Time and place: April 22 at 15:00 at the American University in Central Asia, in the CH-1 auditorium, 4th floor.

Free admission. Sign up for guests by:

Contact details:
For further information, please contact Bermet Malikova, Coordinator of the Public Fund “KG Labs” by e-mail:

Organizers of the event:
Public Foundation “KG Labs”, whose mission is to promote technological entrepreneurship in the Kyrgyz Republic; The American University of Central Asia is the leading innovation university in Central Asia.

Partners of the project: Business Association of Young Entrepreneurs “JIA”, as well as the Tourism Department of the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic.

This project is supported by the Democratic Commission of the US Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Travel&Tourism Hackathon 2016

The winners of Travel & Tourism Hackaton were the team “Challengers”

They presented their unique project on how in the form of a game tourists can get acquainted with the culture and life of the Kyrgyz people.

At the American University in Central Asia, the tourist hackathon has come to an end, which has become a place where experienced experts from different spheres shared their experience with young children, eager to contribute to the development of the tourism industry.

For 54 hours people who did not know each other broke up into teams and worked on creating a project from scratch to the stage of a ready operating technological product.

Participants worked almost without sleep all this time. During the day, they met mentors and received feedback from them about the project, and at night they worked to fix these errors.

“We worked very well in the team. Despite the fact that we had the largest team, we all managed to find a common language and work on the creation of our project. Mentors undoubtedly helped a lot, asked leading questions, thereby showing what to work on and with their help we brought the project to the end result, “Faradj Musayev, a member of the” Challengers “team, said.

It is worth noting that, as the expert from Russia Konstantin Kirsanov suggested, the final projects differed from those that the children presented on the first day of the hakaton.
“All projects are quite real and necessary for Kyrgyzstan. Now tourism is moving in a different direction, and the guys just picked up these trends and, taking into account them, developed projects that will be of interest to tourists in Kyrgyzstan, “one of the jury members Atay Sadybakasov said.

One of the mentors of the hakaton, Chingiz Kanatbek, noted that all participants adequately perceived criticism in their address.
“They have a desire to learn and become better. The guys are very active and ambitious. From the point of view of marketing, they had one problem – lack of marketing. That is, they concentrated on advertising, and not on marketing strategies, which is important. However, after they were given a referral, they began to move on it and filled this gap, “said the founder of the branding agency” Mozgami “Chingiz Kanatbek.

Director of the Department of Tourism Azamat Zhamankulov noted for himself projects that have the potential to enter the global market.
“It was interesting for us to gather young people and see what ideas they have in this regard and what IT solutions they can offer. Today I saw not only regional ideas, but also several ideas that have the potential to enter the global market, “Azamat Zhamankulov said.

Despite the fact that all projects were developed with dignity, the ability to pitch, that is, be able to clearly present your project for one minute, highlighting the most important and interesting, was an equally important part in the evaluation criteria of teams. According to the speeches of some participants, it seemed that they were just born to present the projects. Speakers could in one minute win not only the attention of the public and jury members, but also made it clear that it was their project, like no other, that would become an assistant to tourists on a trip to Kyrgyzstan.
“Hakaton forces us to create something new for the world. Today I saw such projects, which have great potential. Second – the hakaton teaches you to strain. The guys practically did not sleep for 54 hours and during this time they worked hard on the projects. The skill of pitching is also very important and here you have been shown how to do it right. It’s great that you were so “pumped” here. It does not matter whether you won or not, but you learned to give the result by the right time. This is an excellent quality! “, – said one of the judges, the founder of Ololoohaus Daniyar Amanaliev.

The projects presented to the judges concerned different spheres of the tourism industry: these are cognitive applications that in the game form told about myths and legends of Kyrgyzstan, online resources for finding guides with specific skills: a guide-photographer, a guide-musician, a guide-ecologist and. . D, and much more.

But most of the audience remembered two teams – “Chuck-Chuck” and “Challengers”, which impressed not only the relevance of the developed product, but also its delivery. “Chuck-Chuck” presented a bot chat for Telegram, which is able to provide online information to tourists during their stay in the Kyrgyz Republic. The bot is able to provide information on the most important categories, starting from the prices for trips between cities and ending with an English-Kyrgyz phrase book. “Challengers” presented a platform that should become an application in the future, where the user can go through various quests, thus acquainting himself with the culture and life of our country. On the map, you can select an icon with an available quest. So, for example, a tourist can independently put a yurt, cook koumiss or a national dish and much more. All this is done under the control of skilled people. For completed quests, the user receives points, which can later be exchanged for discounts in partner shops of the project.

The fact that the “Challengers” will win the “People’s Choice Award” thanks to their dynamic presentation – there was no doubt. The audience gave more votes to this team. As for the decision of the judging team, the second place was awarded to the team “Chuck-Chuck”. And the main victory and the title of “The best project of Travel & Tourism Hackaton” rightfully went to “Challengers”. The most numerous team won twice.
“It was insanely productive 54 hours for which we were able to create our own project. We are grateful to the organizers of the Public Fund “KG Labs” for such a wonderful event. Special thanks to mentors and speakers who gave us valuable advice and told us many new and interesting things. Participation in this hakaton – a great experience for us “, – shared the impressions of the participants of the winning team.

The winners and prize-winners of the tourist hakaton were awarded valuable gifts and prizes. In addition, the winning team was given the opportunity to present its project at the Bishkek Investment Forum, which will soon be held in the capital. The silver medalists immediately received an offer of cooperation from investors immediately after the event.

“The event was wonderful! We are satisfied with the number of participants and projects, as well as the level of involvement of all teams. All participants are good fellows, very productively worked. Many thanks to our mentors who helped the teams and shared with the children the experience that they can apply in the further implementation of the project “, – summed up the event organizer, the founder of KG Labs Public Foundation Aziz Soltobaev.

Organizers of the event: KG Labs Public Foundation, whose mission is to promote technological entrepreneurship in the Kyrgyz Republic; American University in Central Asia is the leading innovation university in Central Asia; And start-up-incubator “Ideagrad”.
Partners of the project: Business Association of Young Entrepreneurs “JIA”, as well as the Tourism Department of the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic.
This project is supported by the Democratic Commission of the US Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic and the USAID Business Development Initiative.

Presentation of travel hackathon to Association of Young Entrepreneurs

On April 29, 2016 Chairman of KG Labs Public Foundation Aziz Soltobaev conducted presentation about meaning, role, importance and necessity of travel hackathon to tourism committee of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs.

Besides this presentation, head of Tourism Department under Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Azamat Zhamankulov shared news about upcoming World Nomad Games to be held on September 2016 in Cholpon Ata city, Kyrgyz Republic.

Participants of meeting shared ways of involving of tour operators to bringing more tourists to World Nomad Games, as well as agreed to participate in organizing travel hackathon under KG Labs guidance.

Travel hackathon is joint initiative of KG Labs and Department of Tourism of Kyrgyz Republic. The goal of this event is to create more technological startups intended to develop tourism branch of Kyrgyz economy. Organizers plan to conduct this event in the second half of 2016.

KG Labs received 3rd place for hosting FAC in 2015

This year KG Labs and Kyrgyzstan made 3rd place as the Future Agro Challenge 2015/16 Hosts of the Year!

Congrats to Tilek Toktogaziev and Агрохолдинг “Жашыл Чарба” for your pitching in Medellin, Colombia at the @Global Entrepreneurship Congress as one of the top ten global teams!

A proud moment for our team, colleagues and for the country. International recognition at such an event is great publicity for Kyrgyzstan!

We’re proud to help Kyrgyzstan’s entrepreneurs connect to international opportunities and expand their networks!

And thanks to the United Nations Development Programme – UNDP for funding the trip.

Results of The Pitch competition

Друзья, спасибо большое за участие в конкурсе питчей!

Несмотря на логистические казусы, мероприятие прошло на высоком уровне!

В оценочное жюри входили:
– Кумар Бекболотов, выпускник Университета Беркли в области социального предпринимательства
– Джордж Парра, предприниматель с большим стажем работы в Калифорнии
– Кайнар Камалов, выпускник MIT, с опытом работы в крутейших стартапах типа Zynga, Locu и т.д.
– Эдиль Ажибаев, выпускник Университета Индиана, основатель международного стартапа

Наши судьи были удивлены уровнем питчей и качеством подготовки прототипов.

Проекты оценивали по критериям:
– презентация: визуальный контакт, навыки убеждения
– проект: реалистичность, масштабируемость, реализуемость проекта, компетентность команды/основателя, а также наличие минимально жизненного продукта (MVP)

Предпочтение отдавалось стартапам, в следующих категориях: образование, энергетика, здравоохранения, финтек (финансовые технологии).

Гран-При сертификатом была удостоена команда Raxmat.KG: социальноориентированная торговая площадка, прибыль от которого направляется на благотворительность. Отличный питч!

Победителем конкурса The Pitch стал Асылбек Абдикаримов из Оша с проектом Salamat.KG: сервис поиска медицинских услуг. Асылбек в течение двух месяцев доработает свой стартап под кураторством членов жюри и поедет представлять Кыргызстан на международном конкурсе в Монтерее в ноябре этого года. Пожелаем ему удачи!

Спасибо всем за участие!

Next stop Athens: Kyrgyz agro-innovations on the move

Congratulations! Kyrgyzstan’s trip to the future continues in Greece.

Do you remember our first blog about the Future Agro Challenge contest in Bishkek?

Kyrgyzstan’s inaugural Future Agro Challenge Kyrgyzstan 2015 competition culminated with a bang on 21 June. UNDP in Kyrgyzstan and KG Labs embarked on the very first steps in bringing together thought leaders and experts in Kyrgyzstan’s agricultural sector under one roof to discuss Central Asian agricultural innovations.

This year’s challenge winner was Kyrgyz greenhouse owner Tilek Toktogaziev.

His business develops innovative technology to monitor and control humidity and temperature levels greenhouses, which substantially reduces the cost of growing vegetables.

Tilek has been engaged in the greenhouse business for two years, and developed the monitoring system to solve problems faced during his day-to-day operations.

As the winner of the project, he will be representing Kyrgyzstan in the international Future Agro Challenge in Athens, Greece this October.

The event, while small, was an exciting learning experience for organizers and participants alike.

Throughout the competition, two themes became apparent:

  1. The concept and definition of innovation should be spread through public information campaigns in agriculture and animal husbandry.
  2. These know-how campaigns must be carried out extensively throughout the country.

Almost 40 applications were received for this year’s challenge, from which the organizers selected the strongest 20. Six teams were able to take part in the competition in Bishkek, including the participants from Osh, Naryn and Issyk-Kul provinces, who shared their ideas on innovative greenhouse technologies, mechanical water pump stations, dried and processed fruit paste technology, and a project on producing and distributing branded high quality fruits via community collectives.

Future Agro Challenge (FAC) is a platform for innovators and investors in the field of agro-industry, which aims to meet future challenges in the field of healthy sustainable food production and its delivery from the manufacturer to the consumer through the support of local farmers. The event was organized by KG Labs public foundation and United Nations Development Program in Kyrgyzstan.

Source of news:

На конкурсе Future Agro Challenge Кыргызстан представит тепличный проект

30 июня 2015 года, В Кыргызстане завершился конкурс Future Agro Challenge Kyrgyzstan. Как отмечают организаторы, это первое мероприятие, направленное на развитие технологических и инновационных проектов в Кыргызстане.

Напомним, в международном конкурсе участвуют почти 60 стран со всего мира. Среди активнейших можно выделить Грецию, Германию, Филиппины, Молдову, Индию и Данию. Кыргызстан стал первой в Центральной Азии страной, присоединившейся к данному движению в 2015 году. Это стало возможным благодаря команде KG Labs, которая активно старается продвигать агробизнес в Кыргызстане. Финальные соревнования Future Agro Challenge пройдут в Афинах в октябре этого года. Стоит отметить, перелет и проживание участника от Кыргызстана оплачиваются программой Green Village ПРООН КР. Поэтому он беспрепятственно сможет принять участие в конкурсе.

“Главным выводом организации конкурса стало то, что надо еще проводить значительные информационные кампании о тех ноу-хау, которые нынче применяются в области сельского хозяйства и животноводства, а также стартапы, которые меняют эту индустрию. Мы надеемся, что с учетом данного опыта мы сможем провести более качественный Future Agro Challenge в 2016 году”, – рассказал в интервью “ВБ” соорганизатор мероприятия Эсен Рысбеков.

Профессиональное жюри выбрало из 20 инновационных проектов самый лучший. Победителем и, соответственно, представителем Кыргызстана в Афинах стал владелец теплиц Тилек Токтогазиев. Он продвигает идею системы контроля над влажностью и температурой в теплицах, которая снижает издержки на выращивание овощей. Тилек уже второй год занимается тепличными бизнесом, а также придумывает новые системы оптимизации работы. Как победитель проекта, он поедет представлять Кыргызстан в международном конкурсе Future Agro Challenge в Афинах в октябре этого года.

Организаторы конкурса также отметили, что проведение Future Agro Challenge в Кыргызстане позволило выявить уровень понимания заявителями роли и видов инновации и возможностей обеспечения конкурентоспособности проектов.

“Очень радует, что в финале конкурса участвовали предприниматели из Оша, Иссык-Кульской и Нарынской областей. Мы планируем провести основательную работу по повышению информированности агропредпринимателей о технологических инновациях в мире и о том, как они могли бы применяться у нас. Надеемся, что ландшафт инновационных проектов изменится в ближайший год”, – сказал Азиз Солтобаев, руководитель общественного фонда KG Labs.

Представители KG Labs поделились обзором популярных стартапов в области сельского хозяйства, которые могут быть полезными для кыргызстанцев:

  1. – система, которая позволяет вести учет расходов в молочной ферме, устанавливать четкие метрики и достигать положительных финансовых результатов;
  2. – сервис управления фермерским хозяйством, контроль развития заболеваний, точный прогноз погоды;
  3. – картографический сервис по управлению сельскохозяйственными угодьями
  4. – система, позволяющая контролировать урожайность полей
  5. – сервис по использованию дронов и наземных (спутниковых) изображений по улучшению управления сельскохозяйственными угодьями.

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