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KG Labs helps to raise importance of digital economy, knowledge intensive jobs and necessity of startups through roundtables, public speeches, interviews and work with policy makers.

KG Labs meets with SIPA Students, Columbian University

Aziz Soltobaev – founder of KG Labs co-founder of ISOC (Internet Society – Kyrgyz Chapter) , Talant Sultanov – co-founder of ISOC and Altynbek Ismailov – Director of High Tech Park of Kyrgyz Republic met with SIPA students from Columbian University.

Aziz Soltobaev with presentation about KG Labs and KG tech ecosystem

 Group of 20 SIPA students from USA, China, Peru, Japan, India, Canada, Singapoure and Kazakhstan are travelling to Kyrgyzstan in terms of the tours to Eurasian countries.

Talant Sultanov with Taza Koom presentation
Altynbek Ismailov

Meeting speakers were happy to meet with them and tell about the Taza Koom – National Digital Transformation Strategy, Kyrgyz startup and tech ecosystems and entrepreneurship.

It was fruitful and interesting meeting in order to share the experience, information and promote the Kyrgyzstan among you specialists in the shpere of International and Public Affairs.

KG Labs meets with Mercator Fellows on International Affairs 2017-2018

Aziz Soltobaev and Talant Sultanov

On 23th May, 2018  KG Labs founder – Aziz Soltobaev and Chair of the Internet Society (ISOC) – Kyrgyz Chapter – Talant Sultanov met with the Mercator Fellowship programm participants.

Talant Sultanov
Talant Sultanov
Aziz Soltobaev

As Aziz and Talant are co-authors of National Digital Transformation Strategy – Taza Koom, they gave speech and made presentation about the strategy, tech community and KG Labs Public Foundations activities and current initiatives.

Aziz Soltobaev
Talant Sultanov

Presentations were followed by Q&A sessions and transferred to the great discussion session.

Aziz Soltobaev

The Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs annually sponsors 24 German-speaking young professionals and university graduates from all disciplines who are committed to improving the world of tomorrow. Fellows receive a monthly grant; foreign trips, conferences and language courses may also be funded. Mercator Fellows are part of a network of more than 400 alumni, the Netzwerk für internationale Aufgaben (nefia e.V.).
More information on the official site of the Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs.

Community Leaders Academy 2018

Community Leaders Academy - Bishkek
Community Leaders Academy – Bishkek

In partnership with KG Labs and Ololohaus Coworking, Techstars organized Community Leaders Academy for the first time in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on 25th April, 2018.

Aziz Soltobaev

We were happy to join our efforts in uniting the tech ecosystem community leaders and share expertise, knowlegde and skills during the event.

Gulbarchyn Suiuinova

It was a great day full of interesting activities, helpful information and joyful atmosphere.

More photos from the event:

Design Sprints session selfies
Community Dinner CLA
Session, dedicated to KG tech ecosystem 
Session, dedicated to KG tech ecosystem 
Session, dedicated to KG tech ecosystem 
StartUpWeekend Simulation
StartUpWeekend Simulation
StartUpWeekend Simulation
StartUpWeekend Simulation
StartUpWeekend Simulation – Group Activity
StartUpWeekend Simulation – Group Activity
StartUpWeekend Simulation – Group Presentations
StartUpWeekend Simulation – Group Activity
StartUpWeekend Simulation – Presentations
StartUpWeekend Simulation – Group Activity
StartUpWeekend Simulation – Presentations
StartUpWeekend Simulation – Presentations
SstartUpWeekend Simulation – Presentations
StartUpWeekend Simulation – Presentations
Design Sprints Discussions
Design Sprints Discussions
Work in process
Training in the process

KG Labs’ Founder Interview for CNBC: The New Silk Road: Ambition and Opportunity.

KG Labs helps to connect Kyrgyz startup ecosystem to global network. Video interview with founder Aziz Soltobaev on CNBC watched by millions of viewers who get to know about local community.


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The New Silk Road, Part 6: Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is one of the poorest republics in the former Soviet Union. With no gas or oil to fuel its economy, young entrepreneurs may hold the key to the country’s future. And they're hoping China's Belt Road Initiative may help.

Опубликовано CNBC International 25 марта 2018 г.

Trip to World Economic Forum 2018

KG Labs founder – Aziz Soltobaev as a part of the Kyrgyz Delegation headed by the Prime Minister Sapar Isakov visited World Economic Forum in Davos in January, 2018.

Talant Sultanov, Tiffany West, Aziz Soltobaev

One of the unofficial outcomes of the trip was the formation of a good partnership with the WEF team. We agreed to work with the center of the 4th Industrial Revolution to develop national policies in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the development of cybersecurity mechanisms with the help of AI, as well as certain joint initiatives for the development of the digital economy and society, the deployment of the KR in WEF transformation maps:

Aziz Soltobaev, Talant Sultanov

Forum gave opportunity to meet several key people in the area of technologies in tourism, computer science and others.

One of the them was president of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation – Christopher Elias. We agreed to realize projects in order to develop computer education in all libraries of Kyrgyz Republic.

Aziz Soltobaev, Christopher Elias

Also, Aziz met Gillian Tans ( President and CEO of and Tiffany Mizrahi ( Head of the group reporting on tourism competitiveness) and agreed  on cooperation for development of tourism sector in Kyrgyzstan.

Gillian Tans, Aziz Soltobaev

Plans of opening logistics UPS hub in Kyrgyz Republic were discussed with the president of UPS International – Jim Barber.

During the meeting with Lynn St. Amour who worked as a Head of UN internet Governance Forum – Multistakeholder Advisory Group ( IGF-MAG) and the head of Internet Society, we agreed to work on development of the best world practices of Internet Access and development of the digital skills in educational institutions.

Aziz Soltobaev, Lynn St. Amour, Talant Sultanov

Aziz Soltobaev and Talant Sultanov also met with Kai Fu Lee – scientist and venture capitalist, head of the Sinovation Ventures. This fund with 3 billion dollars of investments is aimed to invest in startups in the area of AI. He promised to visit Kyrgyzstan and assist Kyrgyzstan’s universities to develop AI programmes.

Talant Sultanov, Kai Fu Lee, Aziz Soltobaev

Visit to World Economic Forum 2018 was very productive and we hope that all agreed initiatives and agreements will be successfully realized in our country.

Startup Ecosystem meeting in Bishkek

Startup Community Meeting organized by KG Labs.
Startup Community Meeting organized by KG Labs.

KG Labs is pleased to host an informal meeting of startup ecosystem of Kyrgyzstan to discuss:

-news over the last six months since the last meeting;

-creation of events plan for the next six months;

-identification of “To Do’s” for the next six months.

Anyone who is interested in the development of the startup ecosystem is welcome and is ready to contribute.

Date: 15 September, 2017
Place: Ololo House
Time: 19-00.

Workshop on blockchain technology for bankers, lawyers and government

“К 2026му году не будет банков”, сказал Герман Греф после поездки в Кремниевую Долину в марте 2016 года. Одним из технологий, которые должны изменить банковскую индустрию должна стать блокчейн. Что такое биткоин, блокчейн и что это означает для кыргызских банков? Об этом расскажет специалист по блокчейн Даниил Вартанов.

Cеминар состоит из трёх частей:
1. Ликбез о том, как работает блокчейн и основанная на ней криптовалюта биткоин. Объяснение некоторых мифов блокчейне и биткоине.
2. Что блокчейн означатет для банков, какую опасность и какие возмножности представляет. Подробно о том, как крупнейшиемировые банки реагируют на появление блокчейн.
3. Что значит биткоин и блокчейн для законодательства и правоохранительных органов. Подробно о преступлениях на блокчейне и о том, как законодательства разных стран рассматривают биткоин.

Вопросы можно задавать в процессе семинара.

Время и место проведения: 3 мая с 19:00 до 21:30 в Sierra Tash Rabat. Эта презентация ориентирована на руководителей, ведущих специалистов, аналитиков, принимающих ключевые решения в банковской сфере. Вход для специалистов в банковской и страховой сфере. Количество мест ограничено.

О лекторе: Даниил Вартанов, технический директор британского стартапа, специалист в области технологии блокчейн и биткоин валюты. Господин Вартанов неоднократно консультировал Центральный Банк РФ (Банк России) о деятельности блокчейн, регулировании и внедрении. Даниил находится с краткосрочным визитом в Бишкеке и уезжает уже 6 мая.

О модераторе: Азиз Солтобаев, со-основатель торговой площадки Svetofor, руководитель Общественного Фонда “KG Labs”, эксперт в области технологических проектов. Господин Солтобаев в течение последних пяти лет является регулярным посетителем Кремниевой/Силиконовой Долины, где изучал технологические тренды, запускал микровенчурный фонд для инвестирования в “big data”, беспилотных устройств, интернета вещей индустриального значения. Азиз является автором многочисленных публикаций о том как технологии влияют на экономику Кыргызской Республики.

Об организации: ОФ KG Labs занимает продвижение стартап экосистемы, а также policy making в области инновации, технологического предпринимательства в Кыргызской Республике.