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KG Labs meets with SIPA Students, Columbian University

Aziz Soltobaev – founder of KG Labs co-founder of ISOC (Internet Society – Kyrgyz Chapter) , Talant Sultanov – co-founder of ISOC and Altynbek Ismailov – Director of High Tech Park of Kyrgyz Republic met with SIPA students from Columbian University.

Aziz Soltobaev with presentation about KG Labs and KG tech ecosystem

 Group of 20 SIPA students from USA, China, Peru, Japan, India, Canada, Singapoure and Kazakhstan are travelling to Kyrgyzstan in terms of the tours to Eurasian countries.

Talant Sultanov with Taza Koom presentation
Altynbek Ismailov

Meeting speakers were happy to meet with them and tell about the Taza Koom – National Digital Transformation Strategy, Kyrgyz startup and tech ecosystems and entrepreneurship.

It was fruitful and interesting meeting in order to share the experience, information and promote the Kyrgyzstan among you specialists in the shpere of International and Public Affairs.

KG Labs meets with Mercator Fellows on International Affairs 2017-2018

Aziz Soltobaev and Talant Sultanov

On 23th May, 2018  KG Labs founder – Aziz Soltobaev and Chair of the Internet Society (ISOC) – Kyrgyz Chapter – Talant Sultanov met with the Mercator Fellowship programm participants.

Talant Sultanov
Talant Sultanov
Aziz Soltobaev

As Aziz and Talant are co-authors of National Digital Transformation Strategy – Taza Koom, they gave speech and made presentation about the strategy, tech community and KG Labs Public Foundations activities and current initiatives.

Aziz Soltobaev
Talant Sultanov

Presentations were followed by Q&A sessions and transferred to the great discussion session.

Aziz Soltobaev

The Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs annually sponsors 24 German-speaking young professionals and university graduates from all disciplines who are committed to improving the world of tomorrow. Fellows receive a monthly grant; foreign trips, conferences and language courses may also be funded. Mercator Fellows are part of a network of more than 400 alumni, the Netzwerk für internationale Aufgaben (nefia e.V.).
More information on the official site of the Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs.