KG Labs High Tech Park partnership

KG Labs and High Tech Park of the Kyrgyz Republic announces partnership cooperation


KG Labs and High Tech Park of the Kyrgyz Republic today announced the partnership cooperation in terms of strenghtening the tech ecosystem of the country.

High Tech Park of Kyrgyz Republic is the special entity with unique economic and tax regime created in order to support and boost the IT sector (residents of High Teck Park).

As the mission of KG Labs is to boost the tech ecosystem of the Kyrgyz Republic, it is very important to closely cooperate with such governmental agencies in order to achieve positive results in our activities.

We have a set of already agreed plans to work together, for example, increasing and realizing the potential of High Tech Park residents through development of their business-oriented skills,  organizing High Tech Park representatives network globally and some other initiatives.

We hope that our partnership will be productive and will bring positive effects to the tech ecosystem of Kyrgyz Republic.