Launch of the new British Council program: Creative Spark


The initiative meeting of the Enactus teams was held By the AUCA center for additional education (AUCA center for growth and development) and Enactus as part of the new program of the British Council: Creative Spark: entrepreneurial program in higher education. The British Council will finance by 35 international partnerships to support the development of the creative economy in Central Asia, the South Caucasus, Ukraine and the UK. Participants from Kyrgyzstan received two grants, one of which was awarded by the AUCA Centre for further education in partnership with the city of London University. The local partner is ENACTUS – Kyrgyzstan, and KG Labs. The partners have ambitious goals to teach creative entrepreneurship to more than 500 students and young entrepreneurs. Enactus teams from ten universities of Kyrgyzstan got acquainted with the goals and objectives of the project and the upcoming activities with their advisors. The children will be given the opportunity to learn creative entrepreneurship and business English. And then they themselves will have the opportunity to train workers and young entrepreneurs in the framework of the project and conduct training on preprinimatelstvu in the format of “equal to equal”. The enthusiasm of the teams and their sincere interest in the project are the key to the success of all our future activities! We’re going!