Aleksandra Ishchenko


B.A. of AUCA (Bishkek), in the department of “Business Administration”;

M.S. in “Information technology” from Monash University (Australia);

Experience in mentoring, researches, data analysis for more than five years.

  • Conducts market researches, demographics, trends, sales results and other data related to client’s services;
  • Develops strategic plans to increase sales and introduce new business models;
  • Initiates changes in business processes that lead to increased customer satisfaction and KPI compliance;
  • Tracking for business development and implementation of startup solutions;
  • Conducts a marketing audit of the current marketing strategy and develops recommendations for its improvement;
  • Analyzes information about competitors ‘ offers, including specifications, market share, prices and promotional materials;
  • Generates detailed reports with the results of research and analysis to support marketing strategy;
  • Provides written documents and oral presentations to management at development of new marketing plans and strategies;
  • Recommends specific marketing approaches and cost budgets for achieve the desired sales goals of the company;
  • Participates in the development of new products and services to increase the share in new or existing markets;
  • Provides services in sales Analytics and feedback, adjust marketing strategies as necessary.