KG Labs Vacancy Announcement – Researcher – 2 positions.

Job Description:

Researchers seek out information for various purposes. Researchers will conduct any type of research that requires one to investigate data from various sources and maintain the reliable collection of the data for further analysis.

Job Requirements:
– Proficiency in Microsoft Office – Word, Excel
– Advanced knowledge of research methodologies and techniques
– Experience in analysis and interpreting the data
– Previous Experience as a researcher
Job Duties and Responsibilities:
– Work in accordance with project objectives and report project updates
– Conduct detailed research of intended subject matter according to business needs
– Form effective and efficient research processes
– Design surveys, questionnaires accordng to research requirements
– Perform fieldwork
– Interpret data and utilize various professional sources to find and extract pertinent information
– Organize and maintain research databases

– Document, report, and present research findings to management and clients

Please send you CV or resume to
Deadline for the vacancy announcement is 20 December, 2018.