Expert advice becomes an effective method in any business.

OF KG Labs provides various types of consulting services with a professional team of consultants:

  • Consultation in the formation of ideas
  • Testing the viability of the project
  • Structuring the search for private investors
  • Acceleration support
  • Market analysis
  • Assistance in adaptation and use of flexible methodologies (Agile, Scrum, Kanban) for both new product development and company transformation
  • Research of IT sector and related topics
  • Assistance in technology formation
  • Digitalization of the country
  • Setting the right key performance indicators of success
  • Assistance in achieving goals and objectives within the internal and external strategy of the client
  • Decision on coordination of development partners under the Government of the Kyrgyz REPUBLIC on digitalization
  • Legislative and regulatory processes related to the Digital Agenda of the country, as well as the use and application of new trends and technologies.