Mission of KG Labs


KG Labs aims to boost the tech ecosystem in Kyrgyz Republic.

Our goal is to help create a critical mass of technology-based, innovative, businesses that transform the Kyrgyz Republic from a traditional post-industrial economy to a knowledge-based economy.  

We are doing this by developing an ecosystem that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship, and supports the growth of tech-based businesses, from technical schools to create a talented workforce, to angel funding for startups, to a set of public policies that enable growth, and provide protections for investors, workers and consumers.

To make this transformation in the economy of Kyrgyzstan we are:

– conducting regular fireside chats and interviews with leading technological evangelists, tech opinion leaders;
– convening leaders of businesses, NGOs, and educational institutions to identify opportunities to grow the tech sector;
– organizing and leading ideation sessions, workshops, and hackathons to develop new ideas and projects;
– creating competitions for students, industry professionals, technology experts;
– making presentations about the local tech industry for key Kyrgyz Technology ecosystem stakeholders;
– conducting research on the tech ecosystem and industry clusters in Central Asia;
– developing publications and conducting interviews in the mass media about the role and importance of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship;
– providing expertise to public policy makers, bringing in the best experts for drafting advanced legislation and the legal business environment;
– bringing international startup franchisees to stimulate new ways of thinking and to energize the tech community.

We are connecting the local tech community with international tech communities through partnership events.  We are open for collaboration and ready to help everyone who is interested in boosting the Kyrgyz tech ecosystem with international expertise, knowledge, and networks.

A Model of a Tech Ecosystem