One of the services of KG Labs is research. The Fund uses the most effective tool as a research, which allows to obtain the necessary information about the market for the correct segmentation.

It is worth noting that KG Labs cooperates and has an impressive database of it professionals, it companies, which allows you to identify all the strengths and weaknesses, as well as needs and opportunities. Thanks to extensive knowledge – the Fund is very clear how to study the need for digital skills, to understand the narrow “neck” in the digitalization of the Department, companies, government agencies, cities, countries.

KG Labs has experience in IT research:

  • “Road map of ICT development in Osh region of the Kyrgyz Republic” (Osh; research language – English)According to the five-year strategy of digital transformation “Digital Kyrgyzstan 2019-2023”, a strategic program for the development of regions in 20 cities of the country “Urban growth points” was launched, which contributes to the achievement of target indicators for the component “Development of the digital state” and “Development of digital skills”. Within the framework of this project, the Foundation conducted an extensive study of the IT sphere of Osh.The aim of the study was the strategic management of the NGO “ICT Technopark” (created on the initiative of a private entrepreneur and the city hall of Osh) in order to develop a comprehensive roadmap for the creation and development of an ICT Park in Osh.
  • “Analysis of the information technology sector of the Kyrgyz Republic»                                                                                                            (The USAID “Competitive enterprise”, upon request of ACDI/VOCA)The study was made possible by USAID funding. The aim of this study was to analyse the current situation of the it market in Kyrgyzstan, the analysis of the market share in the country’s economy and making recommendations on strategic directions of development of the it sector on the basis of the analysis.The study touched upon the role of it in Kyrgyzstan, reviews of subsectors, recommendations, as well as the expected impact on the economy of the Republic in the implementation of plans.

    KG Labs can conduct in-depth expertise through practical tools, the use of techniques and technologies, especially digital skills, thanks to data science, which solves the issue of the irrelevance of classical tools.

The Foundation uses advanced algorithms of artificial intelligence, machine learning, “Big Data” (Big Data) to develop recommendations based on data and real evidence base – Data driven and evidence-based decision making process.