Hackathon becomes the most common format of the event. The word “hackathon” is a term derived from a combination of two words: hacker and marathon.

Today hackathons are no longer related to hacking, it’s just a “marathon of programmers”, where small teams of specialists from different areas of software development (programmers, designers, managers) work together to solve any problem. Then the winners receive financial support for the implementation of their project.

  • KG Labs has experience in organizing hackathons since 2015:
  • “Garage48” (2015)
  • “Hackathon on tourism and travel” (2016)
  • “Media Hackathon” (2017)
  • “Hackathon Safe City and Safe Environment” (2017)
  • “Ecommerce and Fintech Hackathon” (2019)

Over four years of organizing hackathons, participants have developed more than sixty (60) start-up projects in the IT sector.

KG Labs uses the hackathon as a tool for the development of business in Kyrgyzstan, through the generation of new ideas and contacts in a specialized environment. The experience of organization and partnership with various organizations provides an opportunity to establish the Fund as a socially responsible.

The Foundation has a base of international (UK, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan) and local (Kyrgyzstan) mentors. In the formation of the idea, in the future, the project participants are helped by international and local mentors, experts in narrow areas, who can instantly make the necessary expertise and advise the team on further actions.

KG Labs provides consulting assistance to the participants of the hackathon on the further development of the project, attraction of investment funds, pre-seed and seed stages among domestic, private investors, institutional development partners, as well as participation in international start-up competitions.