Research and KG ICT Ecosystem Map


KG Labs is committed to its main goal to promote the Tech industry of our country. For those purposes, we not only realize projects, but also implement researches concerning the sphere of ICT.

Firstly, KG Labs was the first organization to create the Map of the Startup Ecosystem of KG. This map is designed to provide information about tech startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Kyrgyz Republic to all stakeholders.   Last update of the Map was done in the end of 2017. And, we started to update the Map in order to change it to the Map of KG Tech Ecosystem rather than limiting it to the startup ecosystem.

Secondly, we launched the research on University Inventory in order to identify the current academic programmes that are offered in local universities. Another dimension of that research will be focused on identifying the currentl ICT labor market trends. As a result we plan to create the set of recommendations and activities that will help to update the educational shpere in the ICT sector, so that it will match with the requirements of the labor market.

KG Labs closely cooperates with Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic and National Statistics Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic in order to obtain the official information on that sphere.

Currently, we are analyzing the data that we received from the governmental bodies and preparing the set of further activities in order to finish the research with the most possible positive result for all stakeholders of the project.

KG Tech Ecosystem Map