Kyrgyz ICT ecosystem

Brief Information about key players, updated on December, 2017

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Updates, December 2017

Kyrgyzstan tech ecosystem database. Here you can find list of all community supporters, key people, investors,  startups:
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 Name of the Company Web Address Sector plane ticketing Outsourcing company
Akchabar media
Akforta Outsourcing company
Akipress media media
amira Design company
Antares Creative Group Design company
Art Asian e-commerce
Avisa Technologies Outsourcing company
Berkut Technology Outsourcing company
Besmart Group Buying
Bookit Plane ticketing
Boonex social network e-commerce – Auto sales
Chayan Design Angels Design company entertainment cybersecurity
CloudCoreo cloud computing
Complete Quality Center, Outsourcing company
CS-Soft Outsourcing company
Darvin-Studio Design company
Donate-Asia charity e-commerce – Auto Sales education
Elbonus CRM job boards media
Enter.KG e-commerce Outsourcing company
Financesoft finance – Banking solutions
Gde.KG Tourism
Global Technology Solutions Outsourcing company
Goog Studio Design company
Green Flip-flop Design Studio Design company group chats classifieds job boards job boards classifieds
iBox classifieds Outsourcing company
Intech e-commerce marketplace
IT Attractor Outsourcing company
ITEG Outsourcing company microwork
Job.KG job boards
Kamp Messenger messaging e-commerce
Keen Steps CMS
Kenguru e-commerce
Kgmart e-commerce fashion ecommerce
Kite local discovery social network e-commerce Auto sales
Lalafo classifieds e-commerce CRM media
LocalOn CRM
M11 design studio Design company
Mad Devs Outsourcing company e-commerce fashion ecommerce e-commerce Groceries
MakeUseOf Media – tech
Mamont e-commerce
Manifestit civic engagement microwork
Mebo entertainment
Megogo entertainment
Mirsoft Outsourcing company
Mixer e-commerce Marketplace
Mobilnik.KG finance – epayment
Mozgami Studio Design company
Namba Media entertainment
Namba Taxi Taxi Service Food delivery
Neon Mobile CRM Group buying
Nomad cab Taxi Service e-commerce fashion ecommerce
Onair entertainment
OpenCBS finance – Microfinance CRM
Optimal Dynamics Outsourcing company
Pelican Taxi Taxi Service
PicVPic e-commerce fashion ecommerce
Quattro Media Design company Design company Microwork e-commerce Email marketing
Sellbeing CMS for e-commerce Outsourcing company Bishkek Office Outsourcing company Tourism – Travel agency
SIROCA finance
Skalfa Asia CMS e-commerce
Smart Taxi Taxi Service
Smartjobboard job boards sms listings
Social Shop Wave e-commerce
spalmalo Design company
Spark Design and Communication Design company
Subrion CMS
Subrion Outsourcing company
Sunrise Studio Pro Outsourcing company
Svetofor KG e-commerce media Taxi service e-commerce – online ticketing education
TimelySoft Outsourcing company entertainment entertainment e-commerce media e-commerce Design company
Ulevel education Taxi service
Upravlenie TSJ utilities management finance – media entertainment
viximity media tool
Voyager Group Tourism – Travel agency Outsourcing company
Weltkind web works Outsourcing company
worksforweb Outsourcing company
Yaros Outsourcing company
Zaem.KG finance – lending
Zensoft Outsourcing company