KG Labs joined Startup Nations league


On May 6, 2015 KG Labs joined Startup Nations league.  This membership helps to collaborate with partners from all around the world on policy making to improve Kyrgyz ecosystem to create critical mass of innovative startups in the near future.

Startup Nations (SN) is network and platform dedicated to identifying policy levers that can unleash high impact entrepreneurship and innovation. The network is made up of “startup savvy” policy advisers focused on exploring different regulatory changes and other policy and public sector programs to help accelerate new and young firm formation in their economies.

Members share ideas about what is working and what is not in their respective environments; connects to research and communicates priorities to the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network (GERN) and its individual members (e.g. Kauffman Foundation, the World Bank and Endeavor Global), and enables informal knowledge sharing among economies focused on leveraging entrepreneurs and their startups in order to create jobs, build economies and expand human welfare.

Principles of Startup Nations

Startup Nations is at its core an organic and nimble network that promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration. To ensure value of membership, certain principles shared by the founding members serve as the core of the network’s activities.

  • Smarter policymaking: At its core, Startup Nations is a network of startup-savvy policymakers seeking better evidence and tools for smarter policymaking and programming to support and strengthen entrepreneurship ecosystems.
  • Knowledge- and experience-sharing among members: Startup Nations members tap into each other’s knowledge about experimental results and make models available for replication by other locations represented in the Startup Nations network. Members make the basic commitment to share what they have learned about interventions (policy, programmatic, evaluation methods, or otherwise) that support their entrepreneurship communities.
  • Fostering evidence-based impact evaluation: Startup Nations members believe they will be more effective when informed and armed by efforts such as the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network (GERN), not to mention the wide array of other Kauffman Foundation, World Bank, and OECD research and programming.

Startup Nations membership thus entails a commitment to assess whether programs in various startup ecosystems are performing or not, and a commitment to openness and candid experience sharing about program successes and failures.

Startup Nations is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), a year-round platform of programs and initiatives engaging more than 160 countries while creating one global entrepreneurial ecosystem.