The third session of the “Business accelerator” project USAID “Competitive enterprise”


USAID project “Competitive enterprise” in partnership with “KG Labs” in April launched a program “Business accelerator”, where participants were beginning IT-entrepreneurs and IT-small and medium-sized businesses.

C 25.06.2009 – 28.06.2009 the third session of the program “Business accelerator” was held, the purpose of which is to support SMEs and start-UPS managed by young people (aged 15 to 29 years) or women, as well as enterprises, which mainly employ women or youth.

26.06.2019 participants had the opportunity to talk about the difficulties they experienced in preparing the financial part of the presentation. It should be noted that the intermediate planning has become the main component of the second day of the training, as well as work in teams helped the children to see their shortcomings and correct them before working with mentors.

27.06.2019 mentoring Session was held in the framework of the program “Business Accelerator” USAID project “Competitive Enterprise”.

The participants of the program had the opportunity to present their projects to 11 mentors who are high-level specialists in various areas of financial and IT sphere. The teams received valuable advice, constructive criticism, and recommendations for further development.

We would like to Express my gratitude to our mentors for their active participation in the treasure in it development of entrepreneurship in Kyrgyzstan: Aziz of Soltobaev, Altynbek Ismailov, Nargiza Kultaeva, Aibek Omuraliev, Talent Omuraliev, Azhar Mambetova, Azat Tajiev, Alexander Ischenko, Andrew Guriev, Elena Chigibaeva, Emil Takyrbashev.

28.06.2009 the third session of the “Business Accelerator” program seminar within the USAID “Competitive Enterprise” project has come to its end.

The participating teams had the opportunity to explore specialized tools for objective assessment of their resources, value creation, market research, scaling opportunities and much more for their start-up and business projects in the it field.

I would like to thank the USAID project “Competitive enterprise” team, as well as all the participants of this program.

As a result of the seminars, a proactive and professional group of entrepreneurs was formed, who will continue their work on the improvement and implementation of their projects.

We are very pleased with this result and hope for further successful formation of the technological start-up community.

About USAID ECP Project:

The USAID Enterprise Competitiveness Project is working to strengthen Kyrgyz firms, especially those led by women and youth, to increase sales, jobs and investment. USAID Enterprise Competitiveness Project is targeting sectors and sub-sectors with the greatest potential for growth in these areas, providing enhanced support to accelerate the growth of women- and youth-led firms, and working to improve the enabling environment for small to medium enterprise (SME) growth. The Information Technology (IT) sector has been identified among the sectors with high growth potential. The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic (GoKR) is interested in understanding the extent of the IT sector’s potential, including identification of most lucrative markets, and determining which sub-sectors and segments of the IT sector have the greatest potential for growth, and what needs and challenges high-potential sub-sectors face in attaining growth. For more information please follow the link