E-commerce and FinTech Hackathon 2019 has started!


Photo report from the first day of the hackathon, where the starting pitching session was held, the participants formed 10 teams.


Out of more than 170 applicants, including software developers, designers, marketers, project managers and even bankers, 80 people were selected. They formed teams and presented their ideas. These are different projects, among them there are proposals to create a “smart Bank”, micro-loans to farmers engaged in the export of goods through e-Commerce, the creation of an online service to search for carriers, a service to promote goods of Kyrgyz production abroad and even the development of e-Commerce with the help of the existing network “kyrgyzpochtas”.

“A hackathon is a factory for the manufacture of prototypes, which in the future grow into successful startups. This time, the Hackathon involves government agencies and donors, with whom we held discussions for several months to discuss all the problems that exist in e-Commerce. Today and the next two days, specialists – designers, software and mobile developers, as well as representatives of other related professions will work together to develop business models that will help develop e-Commerce”, – said in his welcoming speech the founder OF KG Labs, organizer of the event, Aziz Soltobayev.

The opening ceremony of the hackathon was attended by representatives of state bodies –partners of the event. Deputy Minister of economy of the Kyrgyz REPUBLIC Abakirov Eldar kurmanbekovich expressed hope that E-commerce and FinTech Hackathon 2019 will stimulate the development of e-Commerce in Kyrgyzstan.
“For the Ministry of economy, e-Commerce is interesting in the following aspects: export of products, I think that due to modern technologies it is possible to increase the volume of exports at times; development of the creative economy, we are thinking about creating a venture Fund to Finance new business ideas. In all these issues, we need good IT-personnel”, – said the Deputy Minister.