Travel&Tourism Ideation Session #2 announcement


Being at the right time in the right place and with the right people is not a matter of luck, but the professional skill of every successful person. How to become a “person with connections” and effectively build your network? How to be remembered by a potential investor in one minute and interest your startup? Then you should definitely visit our second event, Ideation Session # 2, which will be held on November 18 at the coffee shop Sierra Tash-Rabat.

The first event from the Ideation Sessions series in the framework of Hackathon Travel & Tourism took place in the coffee shop of Traveler’s Coffee last week and gathered over 60 stakeholders. The hackathon itself will be held from 2 to 4 December on the campus of the American University of Central Asia.
For the majority of participants, the Ideation Session # 1 event became a platform for new acquaintances and knowledge, where together experts discussed the current situation of tourism in Kyrgyzstan, received valuable information from leading experts and learned how the brainstorm in the Silicon Valley is taking place.

This time we will focus on the important factor of success for every entrepreneur and project, which is “networking”. Networking is the ability to create your own business network and receive important information from it – new ideas, necessary resources and business opportunities. The important thing is not who you know, but how many people know you.
A number of experts and professionals will share the event with their practical knowledge and unexpected discoveries from the world of “networking”. The invited speakers will speak on the topics related to the main trends and trends in the development of the hospitality industry. And also share information that can not be found on free channels and popular sites. This is their own experience, which has been developed over the years and which they will share only with you.

As part of the speakers:
Azamat Zhamankulov – Director of the Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism of Kyrgyzstan.

Meder Tilekmatov – Chairman of the Association of Resorts of Kyrgyzstan will share his invaluable experience in the field of hospitality.

Alex Johnson – Volunteer of the Tourist Union of Kyrgyzstan. A person who knows about the tourism industry of Kyrgyzstan and its features is better than anyone else. Having worked with many travel agencies, Alex made unexpected and important conclusions for himself, which he will share with you at the meeting.

Fabien Seloss, travel specialist at Nomad’s Land.

At the event you will find concrete advice and recommendations, a society of future and current entrepreneurs, interesting classes and new, promising acquaintances.
The moderators of this event will be Diana Durusbek Kyzy and Anatoly Fedorenko, organizers of “Hackathon Travel & Tourism”.