The final day of “Ecommerce and Fintech Hackathon 2019”


The third day is the final day for the participants of the hackathon. Teams completed the development of their prototypes, and in the evening they were waiting for pitching projects and determining the winners. “A hackathon is a factory for the manufacture of prototypes, which in the future grow into successful startups. This time, the hackathon involves government agencies and donors, with whom we held discussions for several months to discuss all the problems that exist in e-Commerce. Today and the next two days, specialists – designers, software and mobile developers, as well as representatives of other related professions will work together to develop business models that will help develop e-Commerce”, – said the founder OF KG Labs, organizer of the event, Aziz Soltobayev. The teams presented different projects to the judges – applications and websites that allow to get a loan, find a courier for the delivery of goods, find customers for agricultural producers, a telegram bot that allows you to find the goods you need among the many offers of online stores.

The winner was chosen by eight members of the jury, including well-known international experts, as well as representatives of Kyrgyz companies – High-technology Park, KG Labs and “Elkart”.