Results of ecommerce acceleration program
Результаты Акселерационной программы по электронной коммерции


5 августа, 2022 года ОФ Кейджи Лабс совместно с Программой Развития Предпринимательства и Инноваций PEAK, провел демо день с презентацией …

The third session of the “Business accelerator” project USAID “Competitive enterprise”


USAID project “Competitive enterprise” in partnership with “KG Labs” in April launched a program “Business accelerator”, where participants were beginning …

The third pre-event dedicated to the hackathon “Master class on pitching”


The coach at the master class was Elena Chigibaeva individual consultant and graduate of TechWomen 2018, was trained in Silicon …

Meetup: How to create more developers in Kyrgyzstan


23 Мая 2019 года состоялся мозговой штурм игроков в IT сообществе Кыргызстана. Тема встречи: “Как сделать, чтобы программистов в Кыргызской …

Remote Identification in the Financial Sector Case Battle, 17th April, 2019


On April 17, 2019, Remote Identification in the financial sector of our country Case Battle was held. We would like …

Meeting with IT Academy in Karakol
Meeting Karakol tech community to get insights for research of IT sector


KG Labs Research Team had traveled 400km from Bishkek to Karakol to meet with local tech community, learn from their …

Interview for Ozy Media


This Unlikely Tech Queen Wants to Build a New Global Hub in Kyrgyzstan Mad Devs is “one of the top …

Community Leaders Academy 2018


In partnership with KG Labs and Ololohaus Coworking, Techstars organized Community Leaders Academy for the first time in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan …

Kyrgyz startup community meetup
Tech Community meeting


Встреча сообщества Стартап экосистемы Кыргызстана! Выражаем благодарность всем участникам встречи стартап сообщества Кыргызстана, который прошел 15 сентября 2017 года традиционно …

Kyrgyz startup community meetup
Kyrgyzstan startup community meetup


We express gratitude to all participants of the meeting of the startup of the ecosystem of Kyrgyzstan, which was held …

Tech Networking Party Bishkek 2017
Silicon Valley Week Kyrgyzstan 2017


Trainings and workshops organized for Kyrgyzstan tech startup community by experts from Silicon Valley working in Apple, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, …

Oksana Budnikova, Techwomen Alumni Kyrgyzstan
Techwomen Alumni: Oksana Budnikova


Oksana Budnikova graduate from Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University with degree in Applied Math and Information. Oksana used to teach at Technical …

Veronika Yurchenko, techwomen alumni Kyrgyzstan
Techwomen Alumin Kyrgyzstan: Veronika Iurchenko


Veronika Iurchenko had MS on System Dynamics and Business Administration (Erasmus Program in Norway, Italy and Netherlands). Veronika runs software …