Results of ecommerce acceleration program
Результаты Акселерационной программы по электронной коммерции


5 августа, 2022 года ОФ Кейджи Лабс совместно с Программой Развития Предпринимательства и Инноваций PEAK, провел демо день с презентацией …

Kyrgyzstan Innovative Startup Selection Comittee
30 startups had been selected for acceleration program (RUS)


В августе 2019 года Государственная служба интеллектуальной собственности и инноваций при Правительстве Кыргызской Республики  (Кыргызпатент) объявила конкурс «Стартап Кыргызстан» на …

Creative Business Cup Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan Creative Business Cup 2018 held in Bishkek


KG Labs is a National Partner and hosted Creative Business Cup 2018 – Regional event in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan in cooperation …

KG Labs held the Second Panel Discussion on What is Creative Startup by Daniiar Amanaliev


Dear Friends! We want to share with you with the photos from the second pre-competition event as a part of …

KG Labs held a Panel Discussion on: What is Creative Economy in Kyrgyzstan?


On August 14, еру panel discussion on “Creative Economy and its Development in the Kyrgyz Republic” was held in Bishkek …

Global creative economy in numbers


According to the study conducted by Ernst&Young and jointly presented by UNESCO and CISAC it was identified that cultural and …

Creative Business Cup 2018 held in Kyrgyzstan


On 06.09.2018 in Loft Tseh, the winners of the Creative Business Cup 2018 – Kyrgyzstan were identified. The project Alai …

What is Creative Economy in Kyrgyzstan?


Creative economy is the interface between economy, culture, sociological aspects and technology. Creativity and innovativess are its main drivers. Its …